Surgical Procedures


Natural Tissue Microsurgical Reconstruction

Natural tissue reconstruction uses your body’s own tissue to rebuild natural-looking breasts after mastectomy. These advanced procedures typically require microsurgery to transfer the tissue and reconnect tiny blood vessels.

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Breast Reconstruction Using Implants

Implant reconstruction restores volume and shape  to the breasts by using saline or silicone implants. Implants can sometimes be placed in a single procedure or may require a two step approach using a temporary implant called a tissue expander.

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Hybrid Breast Reconstruction

Hybrid reconstruction uses natural tissue in combination with a small implant and/or acellular dermal matrix (ADM) to rebuild the breasts. It’s often used for women who have less natural tissue available for reconstruction.

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Improving or Correcting Previous Reconstruction

Asymmetries or deformities after breast reconstruction may be improved with corrective surgery. Dr. Smith is a renowned expert in revision breast reconstruction.

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Treatment of Implant-Related Problems

Breast implants can move out of place, become hard, cause pain, or even rupture. Some types of implants have been recalled by the FDA. New procedures are available to address these issues.

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Breast Enhancement/Nipple & Areola Restoration

Procedures such as augmentation, reduction, breast lift, and nipple and areola reconstruction can improve the aesthetic appearance of your breasts and restore your confidence.

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Genetics and Breast Cancer

Some women carry genes that make them more likely to develop breast cancer. A risk-reducing mastectomy with breast reconstruction is one option that may lower your risk.

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Types of Mastectomy

Mastectomy is a procedure to remove breast tissue. New mastectomy techniques preserve the breast skin, nipple, and areola to be used in breast reconstruction.

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Timing of Your Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction may occur immediately at the time of mastectomy or lumpectomy. It may also be performed in a delayed fashion, years after breast removal, depending on your medical situation.

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Oncoplastic (Partial Breast) Reconstruction

Oncoplastic, or partial breast reconstruction, is used in conjunction with lumpectomy procedures to restore shape and symmetry to the breasts.

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Lymphatic Surgery to Prevent Lymphedema (LYMPHA)

After breast surgery, excess fluid can cause swelling in the arms. This condition is known as lymphedema. LYMPHA is a cutting-edge procedure that can reduce the risk of developing lymphedema.

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Enhanced Recovery Program (ERP)

Dr. Smith was instrumental in developing this revolutionary recovery protocol that helps women have less pain and shorter hospital stays after natural tissue breast reconstruction.

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