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Enhanced Recovery Program (ERP)

Recovering from breast reconstruction surgery can be a challenging process. In 2018, Dr. Smith published the results of a protocol for breast reconstruction recovery to help speed the healing process and reduce pain and discomfort. The results demonstrated major reduction in the need for narcotics and time in the hospital.

This Enhanced Recovery Program (ERP) is designed for women who undergo natural tissue reconstruction with the abdomen as a donor site and are recovering from the DIEP flap procedure.

By placing multiple long acting nerve blocks during reconstruction surgery, the ERP significantly reduces pain post-surgery. Coupled with new powerful non-narcotic medications, this dramatically decreases the need for opioid pain medication and avoids its many negative side effects, such as nausea, drowsiness, and constipation, that can significantly hinder a woman’s recovery after surgery. On average, women are able to leave the hospital on the second day after surgery, which allows them to recuperate in the comfort of their own home.

In addition to less pain and faster recovery times, the ERP also reduces the risk of exposure to dangerous hospital infections, decreases the potential for pulmonary emboli (blood clots in the lungs), and minimizes the danger of developing a dependency on opioid medication.

Many women are surprised at the difference in their recovery on the ERP program when they compare it to what they hear from friends or relatives who have had similar surgeries elsewhere. The incredible impact of ERP is evidenced by the multiple speaking invitations [include link]Dr. Smith has received from around the world from surgeons looking to achieve similar results for their own patients.

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I didn’t have to take any pain medicine. It was just amazing. . . I had this major surgery and was home the next day.

Ann O.

I would 100% recommend Dr. Smith and just say there isn’t a better doctor out there for this.

Beth A.

I'm astonished. I am amazed at how Dr. Smith was able to create another breast for me from nothing.

Carmen W.

Dr. Smith is the happy ending to this story. Everyone that I spoke to about him said, ‘you're in great hands.’

Daphne N.

I can't believe I didn't feel any pain. I didn't really need any painkillers. Not at all.

Donna C.

He will always give you his best. He will help you to feel whole again. He will help you to feel like the person you were before.

Evlyn N.

I can tell you now 1,000% that I made the right decision...the way that they look, you cannot even see a scar.

Kathleen P.

I felt like this doctor is something. He has a good heart. He’s very gentle and very nice.

May C.

And I just knew how thorough he was, that he was prepared, that he was well informed, and that he knew his craft

Naimah T.

Dr. Smith was very, very nice and friendly. He was very down to earth compared to some doctors. He's knowledgeable, of course. His credentials definitely spoke volumes.

Monica M.

He's even more impressive than I had first thought. He is very direct and he's smart. And he will explain things to you.

Rachel F.

It's very important to me to have good bedside manner. And [Dr. Smith] took the time. He made me feel like he could do this 1-2-3, and I'd be good to go.

Shellita T.

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