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Types of Mastectomy


Skin-Sparing and Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy


It is usually possible for a woman to keep the breast skin, and often the nipple and areola, after a mastectomy. Early cancer detection has made these procedures an option for more women undergoing breast reconstruction.

Risk-Reducing Mastectomy


A risk-reducing mastectomy is a preventive procedure that removes breast tissue before cancer has developed. It’s commonly elected by high-risk women who carry a genetic mutation. Risk-reducing mastectomies are bilateral procedures that affect both breasts.

Partial Mastectomy (Lumpectomy)


Partial mastectomy, or lumpectomy, removes a cancerous tumor as well as a rim of normal tissue. The rest of the breast tissue remains intact. The ability to have a partial mastectomy depends on tumor size and location, breast size, genetic factors and the ability to receive radiation after surgery.

Before & After


Mastectomy is a procedure to remove breast tissue. New mastectomy techniques preserve the breast skin, nipple, and areola to be used in breast reconstruction.

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Dr. Smith was very, very nice and friendly. He was very down to earth compared to some doctors. He's knowledgeable, of course. His credentials definitely spoke volumes.

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