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Every patient’s journey with breast reconstruction is personal and unique. But hearing from women who have been on a similar path helps many patients realize they’re not alone.

Each story shared here contains both challenges and victories. The results speak for themselves—as does the message of hope.

Our Patient’s Stories

I've been blessed to be with the right doctors and their team. Dr. Smith was just so nice and calming... I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t scared at all.

I didn’t have to take any pain medicine. It was just amazing... I had this major surgery and was home the next day.

Ann’s Story
Dr. Smith wants to make sure you’re pleased with your body’s aesthetic and comfortable in your skin.

Do your research and try to be your own best advocate because you know what your body is capable of handling. And don't listen to everybody else in the room. Try to figure out what's going to make you happy.

Beth’s Story
I'm astonished. I am amazed at how Dr. Smith was able to create another breast for me from nothing.

The breast that he created feels pretty close to natural.

Carmen’s Story
Dr. Smith is the happy ending to this story. Everyone that I spoke to about him said, ‘you're in great hands.’

I only have wonderful things to say about him and his team. Everyone has been amazing.

Daphne’s Story
Dr. Smith did a perfect job. When I went to the oncologist, she said, "What a wonderful job. You look so natural."

And that's what I needed to hear. It was perfect. I said, "Yes, Dr. Smith did it." He did exactly what I hoped.

Donna’s Story
You don't realize breasts mean so much to you until you don't have them. Once I got them back ... I couldn't believe I lived so long without them.

Dr. Smith did that for me. He can make anyone happy.

Evlyn’s Story
I can tell you now 1,000% that I made the right decision...the way that they look, you cannot even see a scar.

Dr. Smith received a God-given gift, because what he does, or what he did for me, has to have come from some being.

Kathleen’s Story
Dr. Smith and his team told me what I'm going to deal with, and then how it would go, including the timeline of every procedure.

I felt like I was so knowledgeable. Dr. Smith is a very good doctor and his entire team is very, very good.

May’s Story

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my breast look and feel the same after breast reconstruction surgery?

Using your own tissue provides the most natural look and feel of any type of breast reconstructive surgery. Breast implants have evolved significantly over time and today's newer implants have a soft feel with less rippling allowing it to better resemble a natural breast. Changes in breast sensation are expected and while some sensation may return most patients had decreased sensation in their breasts. Reconstructed breasts will not be able to produce milk.

How should I prepare for my surgery and recovery?

Download our Mastectomy Checklist and Guide to Your Upcoming Surgery for complete information on surgery and recovery preparation. You can also view in our Support Center on our Patient Forms & Resources page. You can also contact your physician or surgical coordinator if you have any additional questions.

How long of a recovery period can I expect? When will I be able to get back to my normal activity?

With the introduction of the innovative (ERP) Enhanced Recovery Pathway protocol, patients have a faster, smoother recovery than ever. Most patients will stay in the hospital one to two days after surgery and will need to recover for several more weeks at home.

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