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Natural Tissue Microsurgical Reconstruction

About Natural Tissue Breast Reconstruction and Perforator Flap Microsurgery

Natural tissue breast reconstruction offers women a chance to restore the natural look and feel of their breasts after mastectomy. These procedures recreate the breast using tissue taken from a donor site elsewhere on the patient’s body.

In order to survive being transferred to the breast, tissue must be taken with its blood supply. Tissue transferred in this manner is called a “tissue flap”, in contrast to tissue taken without blood supply, which is called a “tissue graft”. In most flap procedures, small vessels that perforate the tissue flap are divided and then microsurgically connected to vessels in the breast region to re-establish a blood supply.

The abdomen, thigh, buttock, lumbar region, and upper back are all potential donor sites for natural tissue breast reconstruction. These procedures may be performed at the same time as a mastectomy, or they may be performed months, years, or even decades later. Some women choose natural tissue breast reconstruction to replace their older implant reconstructions.

Dr. Smith developed an Enhanced Recovery Program (ERP) that significantly reduces discomfort after surgery, decreasing the need for narcotic medication and time spent in the hospital. Recovery typically involves a 2 day hospital stay and a few weeks rest at home.


DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction


The DIEP flap procedure uses tissue from your abdomen to rebuild the breast mound. Not only do breasts look and feel natural, but you also achieve a “tummy tuck” effect on the abdomen.

Robotic-Assisted Breast Reconstruction


Robotic-assisted DIEP flap surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is done with the help of robotic technology. This innovation in microsurgery is one of the most cutting-edge approaches to breast reconstruction surgery today.

Stacked Flap Breast Reconstruction


In stacked flap reconstruction, two smaller tissue flaps are used to rebuild your breasts. This procedure is typically used for women who prefer natural tissue reconstruction but don’t have a lot of available tissue.



Natural tissue reconstruction can also be performed with flaps from the thigh, lumbar region, or upper back. These procedures usually require microsurgery and are typically considered for those women who are not a good candidate for DIEP flap reconstruction.

Restoring Sensation


After breast reconstruction, most women have little to no sensation in their new breasts. Exciting medical advancements are allowing women to regain some feeling after reconstruction procedures.

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Natural Tissue Microsurgical Reconstruction

Natural tissue reconstruction uses your body’s own tissue to rebuild natural-looking breasts after mastectomy. These advanced procedures typically require microsurgery to transfer the tissue and reconnect tiny blood vessels.

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I'm astonished. I am amazed at how Dr. Smith was able to create another breast for me from nothing.

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And I just knew how thorough he was, that he was prepared, that he was well informed, and that he knew his craft

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Dr. Smith was very, very nice and friendly. He was very down to earth compared to some doctors. He's knowledgeable, of course. His credentials definitely spoke volumes.

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He's even more impressive than I had first thought. He is very direct and he's smart. And he will explain things to you.

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It's very important to me to have good bedside manner. And [Dr. Smith] took the time. He made me feel like he could do this 1-2-3, and I'd be good to go.

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