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“Dr. Smith did a perfect job. When I went to the oncologist, she said, "What a wonderful job. You look so natural."”

Donna’s Story


Although Donna tested negative for the BRCA gene, she had a strong family history of breast cancer. And she had seen her sister’s cancer return 11 years after a lumpectomy.

So when Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer herself, she chose to have a double mastectomy.

Donna wasn’t the only family member dealing with cancer. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer earlier that same year, as was her nephew, who unfortunately did not survive. Her sister had previously had a DIEP flap procedure, and Donna was ready to be done and put the cancer behind her.

“I knew as soon as I heard, I was getting a double mastectomy. And my breast surgeon, she knew whatever I felt I needed was what she would agree with."

Donna’s treatment plan included breast surgery and two years of chemotherapy. She also had sessions using the DigniCap, which helped her retain about half of her hair.

“I would be too self-conscious to wear a wig. That's how my personality is. I was trying to do it a different way. It worked.”

Donna’s goal with breast reconstruction was to look and feel as natural as possible. So when Dr. Smith suggested a hybrid reconstruction, which combined a DIEP flap procedure with a small implant, she initially had concerns.

She was worried about having a foreign object in her body, but Dr. Smith and his team reassured her and made her feel comfortable with the procedure. Ultimately, Donna decided to follow their recommendation.

Her breast reconstruction went smoothly with no complications. Donna experienced almost no pain from the procedure.

“I can't believe I didn't feel any pain. I didn't really need any painkillers. Not at all. The hardest part was getting used to laying on my back because I'm a stomach sleeper.”

Donna eventually had a nipple reconstruction and may return for medical tattooing to complete her reconstruction journey.

"Dr. Smith did a perfect job. When I went to the oncologist, she said, "What a wonderful job. You look so natural." And that's what I needed to hear. It was perfect. I said, "Yes, Dr. Smith did it." He did exactly what I hoped.”

She would highly recommend Dr. Smith to any woman who is considering working with him.

“Run. Go there quickly. I'd recommend him to everybody.”

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